4 Mazda CX-9: a crossover with which I would go exploring

After a full-scale invasion, we noticed that things looked different. A vivid example of this is a test drive of the updated Mazda CX-9 before the invasion. It is also a considerable crossover for the family, and its advantages and disadvantages look different today. Why? Now let’s tell.

The war got used to pickup trucks with the steering wheel on an unusual side, all green and tattered. Serhii Voloshchenko and Yevhen Sokur and I are mixing the swamp every week together with the soldiers of the Hospitaller battalion on the off-road training course. And at the end of each week, we also meet with them on the asphalt course, which we conduct together with Mykola Chmykh. Also, when a shining white Mazda CX-9 appeared in front of me, the feeling was somewhat forgotten.

Salon and trunk Mazda CX9
The advantage of a large car with seven seats is that it is another level of family safety. You understand that when such a need arises, you can quickly seat the whole family in the cabin, even strap a cat in a carrier to a separate chair.

Yes, the trunk will remain small. When the third row of seats is installed, you have 230 liters of volume at your disposal (with a 5-seater configuration, its volume is 840 liters). However, we have already learned to understand that everything important in our life is on the seats next to us, and not the junk that can be put in the trunk. An alarming suitcase will fit there in no time. And even a large suitcase with things.

Mazda CX9 power and technology
Mazda CX-9 in Ukraine is offered with only one engine, only automatic 6-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive. 2.5-liter gasoline engine of the Skyactiv-G series. It is turbocharged and has direct fuel injection. Today it is the gold standard in the segment. Thanks to these technologies, the engine produces 231 hp. But what is more important for such a small car is that it develops a thrust of 420 Nm and does it already at 2000 rpm.

There is also a new all-absorbing trend in the classroom. Competitors, and the main among them in the Mazda CX-9 is the Toyota Highlander, in addition to the gasoline version, they also offer a hybrid version. Does the Mazda CX-9 have one? In general, yes, it exists. But not until it is imported to Ukraine. Maybe it will appear after the victory? Let’s see. I would focus on Victory first.

If we recall the problems that the car helped to solve in the first month after the start of the invasion, then several critical requirements are mentioned here.

The first requirement is right now to rush somewhere far away with a full car of people and things as quickly as possible. The CX-9 looks pretty decent here. More than 5 meters long and with an equipped weight of two tons, it accelerates to a hundred in 8.6 seconds. And with a full load of 2562 kg, just over 9 seconds to 100 km/h. Decently.

The friend’s requirement is at one gas station as far as possible. This task is painfully familiar to all of us. And there are several nuances here. On the one hand, the car has direct injection and high efficiency of fuel combustion, due to which it is possible to achieve good economic indicators with smooth movement. So in a city without traffic jams, I managed to manage 10 l/100 km without much effort in a big car. And on the highway, if you really want to save money, you can drive 1,050 km on a full tank (74 liters) at the factory-declared 7 l/100 km. This is an argument. However, it is better to keep the car with a full tank, not only because it is difficult to refuel during a force majeure, but also because the quality of fuel is important for a car with such an engine. It’s scary to imagine that I would fill the CX-9 with what was sold at the gas station in April-May last year.

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